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What the world needs right now, more than anything, are authentic, powerful, creative women leaders. 

Led by diversity & inclusion leader Shakti Arts Foundation with guest teachers, this workshop series is the first of its kind to combine practical leadership skills with the arts, spirituality, and storytelling for a truly multidisciplinary and holistic awakening of your inner leadership. 

  • Explore strategies you can use everyday to bring more of your natural feminine leadership to your workplace and in daily life 

  • Explore and strengthen your voice through sound meditation, communication groups, and coaching sessions. 

  • Embody feminine leadership in your bones, posture, and movement 

  • Share stories and reflections on past experiences in a safe and accepting community

  • Learn about powerful feminine archetypes across different cultures, and how they are relevant to life today 

  • Develop a community of authentic, powerful feminine leaders for life!

"I can't say enough about the has been an amazing blend of discovering my creativity, along with learning practical leadership skills to become the confident heart-based woman leader I hope to be." Liz Zinar, DFLS Participant, March '18

Anything but your typical women's leadership training -  the 6-week Divine Feminine Leadership Series is a unique program of online women's coaching to explore and embody the different flavors of women's leadership. Learn to better integrate the masculine and feminine and find your own, unique leadership voice - and receive expert training in dance, voice, storytelling, and more in the process! 

It's a toxic time in the world, if you didn't notice.  Modern society encourages us to become almost robotic and shut down important parts of ourselves, including our creativity, sensuality, and emotion, which are, in fact, our greatest assets. ​  


New forms of leadership are desperately needed. ​This course is for women leaders who want to learn to better integrate the heart and the mind in their organizations and in life. Fully step into your divine feminine power!

Submit the form below, and we'll be in touch within 1-2 business days to set up a call and see if this is the right fit for you! 

sample of Workshops & events

EMBODIED VOICE, breath, and Communication

Part 1 of Feminine Leadership lab explores the use of the voice and breath, as well as the ways we communicate most authentically while commanding respect in all situations. 

indian raga: voice

Explore your authentic self-expression through singing! We take you through Indian raga scales using a Shruti box as an orientation to Indian classical voice and an opening of the throat chakra. 

powerful poses and movement

An interactive workshop that explores feminine leadership through the lens of Indian classical dance; channel your inner goddess by embodying the various Indian goddesses, symbolic of different charactertistics: Lakshmi(Wealth), Saraswati(Intelligence), Parvati(Sensuality), Durga(Strength), Kali(Destruction)

show up: women's circle

Using the tools we have learned in voice, movement, posture, and communication we create a space for women to find community, authentic self-expression, and acceptance from eachother. Celebrating the various facets of the feminine!

show up: men's circle

It's no secret that today's men can use some more time getting in touch with their "feminine": feelings, emotions, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. This event facilitates authentic sharing of feelings and experiences for men who want to develop their emotional intelligence.