3-6X employee engagement with our diversity solution

Imagine a data-driven diversity and inclusion strategy at your organization that includes:


  • Corporate trainings and seminars

  • Leadership storytelling

  • Microlearnings incorporated within day to day processes

  • Interactive events 

  • KPIs to measure impact of employee engagement activities on your bottom line

"Your strategy opened up conversations on our team that we had never had before, but we desperately needed to have! Our culture has transformed since." Ed Kapoor, Director, Walt Disney

Our experience in change management shows us that diversity and inclusion require a holistic strategy— because each individual learns in a different way. We design tailored programs for your organization based on best practices, making the process of D&I not just a box to check, but an engaging experience that maximizes team productivity. 

We partner with a change management consulting firm, ALIGN Consulting, to help you reach your diversity goals through proven communications and training strategies.  We have had over 200 clients, including Cisco, Disney, Coca-Cola, eBay, and more. 


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           Our Workshops 



A foundational workshop event that introduces our framework for identifying and addressing cultural diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace and best practices for increasing diversity and inclusion.  



An interactive training that explores authentic feminine leadership and communication through exercising the voice and modulating the breath.



An interactive workshop that identifies key findings in organizational psychology and human dynamics research to help individuals identify internal cognitive biases and examine how they may be impacting communication and processes. 


Unity in Diversity: open mic workshop 

An interactive workshop and event that engages employees to share music, dance, and stories related to diversity and "being different." to improve employee engagement, cross-functional collaboration, and overall workplace culture