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Washington, DC


     An Arts and Culture Project to Change Minds


"To the degree we are unconscious of our own biases, we block our connection with others."

Experience cultures and traditions from all over the world, right in your city!  "Unity in Diversity: The Culture Project" is a cross-cultural showcase and forum launched in Washington, DC that engages diverse immigrant communities for the purpose of 1.  preserving and sharing knowledge on different cultures of the world and 2. creating partnerships between cultural organizations to increase diversity and acceptance within communities. This event is a celebration of diversity through curated regional live and web events, providing people of diverse ethnic identities an opportunity to showcase aspects of their culture and actively brainstorm ways to improve cultural collaboration and diversity in their local regions.  

The underlying inquiry this initiative hopes to explore is: Each culture has so many unique aspects to it, from food, to music, to clothing,  yet where can we all meet?  Unity in Diversity rests on the belief that we meet in our humanness, our universal experiences of life events, emotions, family, and friends.  Thus, each month a specific theme or topic is chosen and members of the community are invited to share something from the culture they identify with related to the theme. This multicultural event will allow us to see the unity in our diversity, through exploring unifying themes across cultures, such as  love, friendship, and celebration. Each month is an opportunity to discover the many ways we are all different but the same, at once.  

Racism and discrimination are arguably bigger problems now in our society than ever before, alienating and segregating minority groups into their own subcommunities, and thereby damaging the individual and collective psyche of a region.  Immigrant populations face a greater challenge in integrating within the larger community and thus often develop subcommunities for their cultural interests, remaining siloed due to language, values, and belief differences.  These silos can result in prejudice and resentment developing between cultural groups, as we have seen in recent national events. 

We believe that fear and resentment of the "other" in our country stems largely from inadequate exposure and communication between cultural groups.  

The desired impact of "Unity in Diversity: Culture Project" is to a. mobilize and enable local change-makers to implement real, actionable ideas and solutions to community issues of discrimination, using crowd-sourced best practices and knowledge, b. create platforms for self-expression and sharing of cultural arts and values, fostering a new mindset of seeing diversity as an asset to communities, and c. stimulate collaboration between cultural subcommunities to increase diversity and acceptance in their larger communities.